2021 SASE Science Week banner
Our Mission

To highlight scientists and awareness of different scientific discoveries and careers in the SASE community.


SASE Science Week is a week-long social media platform to celebrate and showcase science membership throughout the nation and on our campuses.
We will also be releasing monthly posts to shed light on SASE members who are conducting research and new discoveries in the scientific community.

Guidelines of Science Week Participation

  • - Chapters must participate in a minimum of one day, but are highly encouraged to participate in as many days/themes as possible.
  • - Chapters are required to post photos and/or videos that capture and highlight each day on your chapter’s social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, or whatever platform preferred). Sharing it to your Region FB page will also give you brownie points! These pages will be shared on our Science Week landing page on saseconnect.org


Day 1: Public Health Awareness
This event is focused on raising awareness about different diseases of public health.

Learn about different topics associated with public health and make a public service announcement! Create a social media post to educate your peers on how to stay safe and healthy, whether that be in a post-pandemic environment or in the midst of everyday stresses. Share your information, posters, infographics, or videos on social media to highlight best practices and important knowledge. Use the hashtag, #StaySafeSASE and #SASEScienceWeek2021, to be featured on our social media pages.

This post does not have to only pertain to COVID-19.

Day 2: SASE Science Fair
On this day, we are throwing it back to an elementary school-style science fair! Each participating chapter will be creating a video or infographic showing cool science experiments with details on the process, data, and results. Chapters will share their experiments on social media using the hashtag #SASEScienceFair and #SASEScienceWeek2021 so that the judging panel can pick their favorite works. Topics can stem from any branch of science.

Day 3: Role Models in Science
Who do you look up to in the science community? Share the stories of someone you know personally or a scientist who has been recognized for their contributions on a larger scale. Use the hashtag, #SASEScienceRoleModels, to be featured on our social media pages.

Day 4: Movie Night Day
Time for Movie Night! Go watch a science-themed movie with your chapter and show us what you’ve learned. Put your science and Rotten Tomatoes skills to the test. Share us a picture of your movie night and host a discussion with the members about the concepts taught in the movie. (Brownie points to those who watch movies with Asian representation). Use the hashtag, #SASEMovieNight and #SASEScienceWeek2021, to be featured on our social media pages. Some example films with great science themes are listed below:

  1. a. “The Man Who Knew Infinity”
  2. b. “A Beautiful Mind”
  3. c. “Imitation Games”
  4. d. “Star Trek”
  5. e. “Gattaca” 

Day 5: Aspiring Scientists
Today’s theme is to highlight our members in the SASE community who are actively engaging in research or pursuing careers in the science field. You can grab general members, a TA, or someone in your field who you think should be featured! Feel free to share their story: their motivation/passion, study, and future aspirations in their career. Use the hashtag, #SASEScientists and #SASEScienceWeek2021, to be featured on our social media pages.


Any questions? Please contact your Regional Coordinator!