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SASE Pro’s ERG Network includes 175+ leaders representing 70+ Asian ERGs.

The SASE Pro ERG Network functions to:

  • Provide active input into the design and execution of SASE Pro programs
  • Share ERG best practices and enable reapplication versus reinvention
  • Foster a community of peers to mentor and support one other
  • Celebrate the successes of our community of Asian-heritage STEM professionals

In addition to a monthly network call, SASE Pro hosts regular half-day ERG Summits to provide training for ERG Leaders along with sessions on selected topics of interest chosen by the network. Support is also provided for ERG Network members for their internal leadership development programming via SASE Pro Speakers Bureau.

If you or your Asian ERG are interested in learning more about the SASE Pro ERG Network, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

ERG Network Activities

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Monthly Network Calls

All ERG leaders are invited to participate in a monthly update call, which includes:

  • Announcing updates about upcoming events
  • Sharing poll and survey results 
  • Requesting feedback for event design and activities
  • Promoting leadership training opportunities
  • Creating an open space for ERG to ERG discussion
  • Notifying ERGs of opportunities for additional involvement

...and more!

ERG Summit

ERG Leaders and involved individuals from companies partnered with SASE are invited to join the ERG summit: an event organized alongside ERG leaders, for ERG leaders.

The ERG Summit enables Asian ERGs to support each other.

  • Semi-annual 3-4 hour events among ERG leaders
  • Workshops by professional trainers centered around ERG growth and leadership, such as:
    • Creating Community
    • Growing Leadership Talent
    • Creating Business Impact
  • Knowledge sharing & lessons learned by ERGs of all sizes
  • Networking with other ERG leaders
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Awards Programs

Organizations are invited to highlight their employees through three major award programs:

  • Leadership
  • Achievement
  • SASEsalutes

All recipients are recognized at the SASE National Convention annually.

For more information, please visit the SASE Pro Awards page.

Executive Speakers Bureau

ERGs commonly search for speakers to join their ERG events or host workshops. SASE supports ERG activities by maintaining a diverse set of speakers for SASE Companies to utilize for Asian ERG and Leadership events.

Executive Speakers are a source of inspiration and ideas as you build leadership, diversity, innovation, and business competencies within your organization.

SASE Sponsoring Organizations can request an external Executive Speaker, ideally with >1 month notice before an event. Executive Speakers are intended to support large (n=50+) spanning ERG events, internal Leadership/Diversity Training, or smaller executive discussions.

Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Key ERG Partners

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