Our Mission

To recruit and engage science membership and to increase awareness for professional development in the sciences.


SASE Science Week, a week-long social media platform to celebrate and showcase science membership throughout the nation and on our campuses.


  • - Chapters must participate in a minimum of one day but are highly encouraged to participate in as many days as possible.
  • - Chapters post photos and/or videos that capture and highlight each day on your chapter’s Facebook page, then share to your Region FB group.


4/6: Throwback to Science Camp, #SASEScienceCamp #SASESoars - Unleash your inner Bill Nye the Science guy and let’s have fun with science! Take a trip down memory lane to your childhood and execute a fun interactive science event.

4/7: Science Recruitment Day, #SASEFutureScientist - Similar to Humans of New York, create social media posts to highlight and promote your peers that are pursuing a science field.

4/8: Health Sciences Day, #SASERoadMap - Leverage resources and tools on what / where you can explore science. Demystify and promote the several paths one can take in research, career, corporate, medical with a science degree.

4/9: Science Fusion Day, #SASEScienceRoleModel - Promote historical Asian scientists you find inspirational within your chapter and on social media.

4/10: Science Research Day, #SASEScienceInnovation - With innovation driving advances in the scientific realm – let us focus on highlighting projects and research that have disrupted industry. Focus can be on the fusion of science with other technologies / STEM.


Any questions? Please contact your Regional Coordinator!