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A Decade of Community

The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) has surpassed many milestones in the past decade with the support of dedicated members, volunteers, and sponsors.

How did it all begin? SASE founders and former P&G employees, Shekhar Mitra and Tom Fernandez, saw the the need for a STEM organization in the Asian American community. SASE was born in November 2007 with the dream of empowering Asian heritage science and engineering professionals to achieve their full potential. Starting with the very first chapter established in October 2008 in the northeast, SASE has grown tremendously to over 80 (and counting!) chapters spanning from coast to coast.

The SASE National Conference and STEM Career Fair

SASE developed this conference and career fair with the goal of helping members build their skillsets to bring change to the corporate culture and conversation about the perceived lack of leadership potential in Asian heritage technical professionals. From the first one held in 2011 with slightly over 500 attendees, this annual event has become the largest conference and career fair for Asian Americans in the United States with 2,700 attendees in 2016! Today, the conference provides opportunities for attendees to network with 80+ company recruiters, develop leadership and professional skills, give back to the local community through service, and form lifelong friendships.

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SASE Regional Conferences

6 regional conferences are held yearly (Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, South Central, West Mountain, and West Coast), hosting over 1,400 attendees nationwide. Each regional conference provides an enjoyable and educational experience for high schoolers, undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals. The smaller crowd and geographical focus allow attendees to better tackle local challenges, network with regional companies and recruiters, and form closer relationships among chapters.

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SASE Scholarships

With the support of the Kellogg Company and the Shekhar and Anu Mitra Family, SASE has been able to award scholarships to talented and outstanding individuals in the SASE family. This program hopes to cultivate and develop the leaders of tomorrow, recognizing and rewarding deserving collegiate students and volunteers who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements and leadership credentials. SASE has awarded $28,000 in scholarships to 18 outstanding individuals to date.

The 6E Leadership Assessment

The 6E Leadership Assessment is an innovative tool developed by SASE to allow members to quantitatively and qualitatively measure their own leadership growth using unique leadership indicators that seek to highlight Asian tendencies. The tool has become a yardstick for groups such as mentor-mentee pairs as well as managers and colleagues.

The Organization Achievement Awards

The Organizational Achievement awards were formed to provide companies and organizations with a stage to to highlight top talent, particularly Asian heritage leaders and employees, within their own organizations.

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The Leadership Awards

SASE's Leadership Awards program was conceived to celebrate technical accomplishments and to recognize exemplary leadership in the community, including volunteerism. SASE strives to honor the contributions of sponsors as well as to celebrate the successes of SASE members and individuals who enhance the scientific and engineering professions through contributions to the global business world, academia, and local communities.

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Above all else, SASE has built a community of peers that empower and encourage each other to achieve their full leadership potential. This passionate community has allowed SASE to become a strong, devoted organization that celebrates diversity while preparing its members for success in the global business world.

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