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Lunch or Dinner for 2 with Ajay Mehta: Houston, TX or San Francisco, CA - Join Shell veteran Ajay Mehta for a sumptuous lunch or dinner, with a side of mentorship!
Ajay Mehta
SASE Board Member and General Manager for New Energies Research & Technology with Shell Oil Company
Edward Doan & guest Stephen Nguyen
students at Lamar University,
College of Engineering

Recently Ajay had the opportunity to meet with Silent Auction winner Edward Doan and his guest Stephen Nguyen at a French restaurant in Houston for several hours over a free-wheeling conversation on a wide range of topics. Edward and Stephen came prepared with a good set of questions and Ajay was able to share his thoughts on potential career options, areas for professional development, and cite specific examples from his own career on what has worked well and what has not (and why) for him. Ajay says, “It was a fulfilling experience for me personally and I’m glad that it was useful to Edward and Stephen.”
Ajay and Edward

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