AFFiB circle



Description: Advanced Functional Fiber Batteries aims to develop the next generation of fiber energy storage devices for smart textile platforms. This innovative approach allows our batteries to be washable and seamlessly knitted or woven to power smart garments.

Team Members (L to R): Braden Li, Benjamin Gillespie


Andrew Hwang circle



Description: DriVR utilizes virtual reality and motion simulation to deliver a realistic driving experience that aims to provide training scenarios in an effort to create confident drivers and a safe driving environment.



ChargeMe circle



Description: ChargeMe is a power bank rental system with kiosks scattered around select locations such as malls, amusement parks and more.

Team Members (L to R): Andrew Tong, Saaket Poray, Andrew Yu



Hid In circle



Description: Hid-In is an improved insulin injector that quickly and safely administers insulin for treating diabetes. It makes the injection process quick, safe, and user-friendly for diabetes patients

Team Members (L to R): Keti Vaso, Sara Huang 


Nhi Luong circle



Description: A web/mobile app application that can estimate your weekly (or monthly) grocery shopping cost base on the neighbor you live. Users can customize their shopping list and receive the total cost for their items on the list (include all saving/discount/ coupon) from the nearby market, then they can pick where to do their shopping to fit their budget.



SAYFT System circle


Description: The SAYFT System (Security at Your FingerTips) is an improved, flexible, and discreet security system that provides an additional layer of protection against concealed weapons in the form of metal detection.

Team Members (L to R): Aziza Almanakly, Nithi Subbaian



Uptick circle


Description: Uptick aims to solve the growing concerns of reusability by building a reliable network of students that are looking to buy and sell used items from their dorm room. This marketplace for used products uses predictive analytics to maximize profitability for both the buyer and seller.

Team Members (L to R): Naven Gazi, Obed Badillo Moreno (Not pictured: Sidhant Ahluwalia, Babaye Yahouza, Louis Fusilli)


The Banditrats circle



Description: The art of lettering has been used to create advertisements, readable art, and other artistic means. It is a skillset that takes a lot of patience and practice to achieve, however with our plastic casing product it will shorten the time span to learn how to letter.

Team Members (L to R): Sherry Banditrat, Emily Banditrat




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