Before reading the FAQ, we highly recommend reviewing the Mentor Fellowship Program Overview where many important points are highlighted.

General Info

Why is mentoring important?
A good mentor helps you aptly learn new skills; develop confidence in yourself; make methodical decisions; and execute efficiently. By supporting your development, mentors also benefit. They expand their own perspectives, sharpen leadership and interpersonal skills; and obtain insight on new ideas and trends.

How will mentors and mentees be paired?
We’ll pair you with the mentor whose experience best aligns with your project industry.


What’s the time commitment?
Mentors and mentees will meet at least once a month. To accommodate busy calendars, we encourage scheduling a recurring day and time that works for both parties. You can refer to our recommended schedule for guidance.

What if we can’t meet with our mentor or mentee within the recommended timeframes?
That’s okay! We provide these time periods only as a recommendation to help you meet consistently throughout the competition. You’re more than welcome to schedule get-togethers outside of these timeframes as long as you meet at least once a month.

What do I do if my mentor or mentee is unresponsive?
After your initial contact, we recommend waiting up to 1 week for a response. If you haven’t heard back, follow up again. If you still haven’t received a response after 10 days, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll step in.


What do we talk about when we meet?
You get to decide. You can also use this outline to steer meeting agendas.

Can we talk about things that aren’t on the outline?
You got it. We created the outline to help get the conversation started. The listed topics are ones we believe will help competitors the most (based on our observations throughout the past 3 competition years).


If I’m a competitor, what happens if I get eliminated from the competition?
Even if you’re eliminated, you can still stay in touch with your mentor. The primary goal of our Mentor Fellowship program is to connect you with as many individuals who will help and support you. If you choose to continue working with your mentor, more power to ya.

What should we expect after the competition?
We highly encourage you to continue strengthening the connections you create through the SASEtank Mentor Fellowship Program. We strongly believe you should apply what you learned to continue taking your project to the next level, even outside of the competition. Your problem-solving and entrepreneurial mindset doesn't stop here!


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