To facilitate the discussions between Mentors and Mentees, we compiled the following list of topics we believe will benefit our competitors the most. These topics are based on our observations throughout the past 4 competition years. The outline can be paired with our suggested meetup schedule.

Keep in mind this outline is only a recommended guide. No two projects are identical. Feel free to venture into any aspects that fit your interests and needs! If you have any remaining questions, please review the FAQ.


Setting Yourself Up for Success

  • Building a team
    • Roles & responsibilities to consider
    • Identifying individuals who are a good fit
    • Communication methods & frequency, including virtual platforms
  • Actions to take now to create the best business plan
    • Overview of executive summary, types of analysis, types of plans
    • Determining needed resources & comparing with current inventory
    • Understanding benefits of networking
    • Identifying networking avenues & how to create meaningful connections
  • Financing 101
    • Determining early-stage anticipated costs
    • Identifying funding sources
  • Intellectual property
    • Understanding intellectual property law and incorporating
    • Defining what can & can’t be protected (e.g. patents, trade secrets, trademarks)
    • Determining how to protect & when to do it

Creating an Effective Business Plan 101

  • Executive summary
    • Understanding the purpose
    • Identifying key aspects to include
  • Market analysis
    • Researching the industry & markets
    • Defining stakeholders
    • Determining markets to enter
  • Competitive analysis
    • Identifying & researching the competition
    • Comparing strengths & weaknesses
    • Identifying your differentiators
  • Marketing & sales plan
    • Identifying best-suited avenues
    • Defining promotional steps & sales strategy
    • Determining budget
  • Finances
    • Setting goals & anticipating projected revenue
    • Determining production costs
    • Presenting funding needed & intended usage

Prototyping: If at First You Don’t Succeed, 3D Print Again

  • Basics of prototyping
    • Understanding the significance & potential impact
    • Utilizing market & competitive analysis
    • Overview of 3-step rapid prototyping & various prototyping types
  • Getting started
    • Defining minimum viable products (MVPs)
    • Identifying the best-suited prototyping type
    • Determining costs & ways to be more economical
    • Getting caught up in “perfect” prototypes
  • Collecting feedback
    • Identifying & contacting users
    • Utilizing existing platforms & setting up testing sessions
    • Conducting tests
    • Analyzing and prioritizing feedback




  • Speech
    • Providing explanations clearly & concisely within given timeframe
    • Tailoring communication to the audience type & pitch purpose
    • Using industry terminology & iterating messages
  • Appearances
    • Identifying the best-suited dress style to support the product
    • Using body language to instill gravitas
  • Visual display
    • Determining the best-suited format & style (e.g. PowerPoint, PechaKucha)
    • Incorporating working prototype into pitch
  • Miscellaneous
    • Outlining the best-suited content
    • Methods of practicing & improving
    • Getting the audience’s attention
    • Including audience participation
    • Anticipating risks & mitigation methods
    • Pivoting around unforeseen roadblocks & technical difficulties

Prototype Showcase

  • Practicing demonstrations
  • Improving demos throughout the showcase
  • Maintaining physical & mental energy

Pitch Perfect

  • Practicing time-constrained set-up
  • Anticipating judge & audience questions
  • Answering questions quickly & effectively


  • Preparing for meet-and-greets
  • Maximizing connections with judges & opponents
  • Maintaining meaningful relationships post-competition
  • Giving back to the SASEtank community

If you have any remaining questions, please review the FAQ.

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