What's the purpose of the Mentor Fellowship Program?

  • Through the Mentor Fellowship Program, we aim to create a nurturing space where we can facilitate and strengthen networking connections within the entrepreneurship community. For entrepreneurs like you, turning a passion into a business is the ultimate dream. However, we know the dream won't come true easily. It's hard work, and there will be challenges around every corner. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. The more access you have to business knowledge and guidance from experienced professionals, your chances of success increase.

How will the Mentor Fellowship Program help me?

  • As a competitor, you will be paired with professionals and entrepreneurs who have years of experience. Until this year, participants primarily received input and scoring from judges at the end of each elimination round. Now you can directly receive input and advice throughout the competition, increasing the chances of advancing to the next round. The program will help you progress further and finish the competition more strongly than you may have without it.

  • As a mentor, you will be paired with individuals and teams, ranging from students to working professionals. Many successful entrepreneurs seek ways to give back to the community. As a mentor, you support SASE's mission of advancing Asian heritage scientists and engineers to their full career potential. SASEtank's program provides a unique platform where you can facilitate the growth and success of entrepreneurs with a STEM background. By utilizing your experience and knowledge to identify gaps and provide constructive insight, you will not only help shape the future of our budding entrepreneurs — you will push them to go further than they would alone.

How will the program work?

  • Get-Togethers — Mentors and mentees meet on a routine basis, no less than 1x a month. Find the consistency and method of communication that works best for both parties.

  • Core Topics — Each meeting focuses on topics relevant to the competition phase you're in. You aren't limited to only discussing these topics. Decide the discussion format that works best for both parties.

  • Check-Ins — Members of the SASEtank Team will periodically check in with both mentors and mentees. We want to ensure your needs are being met.

What kind of expertise do the mentors provide?

  • Our mentors come from various backgrounds, including but not limited to experience in executive leadership, healthcare, incubators, intellectual property law, marketing & branding strategy, STEM/STEAM, and strategy consulting. Stay tuned for more information on our mentor lineup!

  • Some concepts we will focus on include branding, financial modeling, incorporating, intellectual property law, marketing, modeling, prototyping, and team structuring. However, you aren’t limited to these subjects and can discuss any additional topics you’d like.

What will a successful program experience look like?

  • As a competitor, you will receive personalized advice specific to your product and industry. Your mentor will follow your progression, developing a strong understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, decisions made, and roadblocks encountered. As a result, your mentor will be able to dive deeper into solutions and provide specific steps to take your product to the next level.

    Consistent interactions enable you to receive constructive feedback throughout each stage. Iteratively applying the provided advice will help you produce a stronger deliverable at the end of each round. As a result, you will receive higher scores from the judges and advance further in the competition.

    Your mentor will be one of your strongest supporters. By the time the competition is over, we anticipate you will have a well-established relationship with your mentor. This relationship can and should continue beyond the competition!

  • As a mentor, you will steadily work with your mentee to bring an idea into fruition, or to refine a product your mentee is already creating. Throughout the competition, your guidance will be sought for various areas of product development and business planning.

    You will utilize your previous experiences to provide honest and tailored advice towards existing needs. Maintaining consistent communication with your mentee enables you to follow their development and more accurately shed light on future opportunities or impediments. The guidance you provide will place your mentee in a more advantageous position in the competition.

    You will proactively help your mentee’s aspirations come true. In addition, you will gain exposure to a product you may personally want to invest further in. By the end of the competition, you will have a well-established relationship with your mentee — one we envision will continue beyond SASEtank!

Got more questions? Check out our Mentor Fellowship Program FAQ.

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