2018 SASE Inspire Awards

2018 Winners

Overall Strongest

Recipient: Drexel University

Overall Strongest Drexel University

The SASE Drexel Chapter put a tremendous amount of efforts into bringing a diverse selection of professional and cultural events to our members, creating a family of close-knit leaders, while making strides in helping our members break the bamboo ceiling this past year. With exciting programming including organizing Northeast Region SASE Vacations to planning our first general body Spring Retreat, it is no surprise that the SASE Drexel Chapter has grown exponentially in general body size, event quality, and membership engagement. The SASE Drexel Chapter continues to inspire other chapters, organizations, and individuals to achieve their academic and professional endeavors while progressively creating precedents for chapters nationwide.

Honorable Mention: SUNY - Binghamton University

Overall Strongest runnerup SUNY Binghamton

Binghamton SASE was established in 2011 to promote professional growth amongst Asian scientists and engineers. Since then, we have strived to provide much more than just professional growth for our members. We have been focusing on SASE’s three national pillars, as well as continuously establishing a strong SASE community. We have created events that we are known for in our school including our signature event, SASE Banquet, volunteering at a nearby museum called TechWorks!, promoting research areas from professors, bringing in speakers from companies such as Lockheed Martin, and much more. Our chapter has not only made an impact on the Binghamton campus through the multitude of innovative events that we host, but we also made an impact in our region with our second annual SASE Banquet and performed at a national level.


Outstanding New

Recipient: The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Best New The Cooper Union

SASE-The Cooper Union seeks to provide resources for the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers by following the national organization’s three pillars: professionalism, diversity, and service. Throughout the school year, we hold multiple professional opportunities to prepare students for the professional world and host alumni events where students can network with alumni to discover various career paths. We have an annual cultural celebration called the Cultural Extravaganza where we celebrate diversity by bringing in food and games from various cultures. We also promote community service by encouraging everyone to support a cause by making contributions through their participation. We also like to do much fun, de-stress activities and simply let everyone enjoy being part of this organization.

Honorable Mention: University of Rochester

Best new Runnerup University of Rochester

Founded in 2017, the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers at the University of Rochester is the first Asian heritage pre-professional organization on campus to connect a wide range of disciplines across the university. We aim to create a place for scientists, engineers, and students of other backgrounds to learn and connect culturally, and to develop academically and professionally.


Most Influential Chapter

Recipient: Stevens Institute of Technology

Most Influential Stevens Institute of Technology

Now approaching its 6th year of operation, SASE Stevens is home to 83 active members and is an influential presence on the Stevens campus in Hoboken, New Jersey. The 2017-18 academic year marked a milestone year for the chapter, hallmarking the 5th year anniversary of its founding and one of its biggest achievements to date: hosting the 2018 Northeast Regional Conference.

From hosting the Regional Conference for the largest region of the organization to continuing to roll out professional, cultural, and service events to grow our members to be well-rounded individuals in the global business world, SASE Stevens has worked tirelessly to personify the mission of SASE. As we continue to foster the growth of our next generation of leaders, we would like to highlight our chapter’s successes in the local, regional and national community for the 2017- 2018 school year.

Honorable Mention: University of California Santa Barbara

Most Influential runnerup UCSB

Since 2015, SASE UCSB has strived for a community of professionally-driven students aimed with intention of becoming active leaders, whether in industry or academia. With each academic year, SASE UCSB continues to grow collectively as a chapter, creating a tight-knit organization of currently forty active members. A strong sense of compadreism is reflected in the events and initiatives SASE UCSB puts out for our members, including providing opportunities for internships and research positions while maintaining a strong foundation of social events. As our chapter continues to grow, the influence of SASE UCSB will continue to expand, not only amongst other on-campus organizations but also amongst the SASE community.

Most Improved

Recipient: Northeastern University

Most Improved Northern University

Northeastern University SASE has developed a reputation for excellence. Our continued commitment to professionalism, diversity, and service echoes through all our events and the development of our members. As we maintain the momentum in our expansion as a chapter, we set out in shifting our focus toward ensuring all of our events and collaborations are applicable to anyone seeking to develop their skills professionally and be exposed to culturally-important issues in today’s political climate. We organized technical and non-technical workshops alongside our flagship events - Networking Night and Career Panel - which saw substantial growth in both employer support and student attendance. We continued to celebrate diversity with the Pan Asian American Council (PAAC) by facilitating healthy discussions on issues concerning the Asian American community. We also strengthened our devotion to service in the Boston community and also to local Asian American support groups in Boston. In addition to these developments, we have successfully revamped our mentorship program under a new mantle known as SASEPals, a close-knit community of upperclassmen and underclassmen.

Honorable Mention: University of Houston

Most Improved University of Houston

Established in late 2010, SASE-UH has been determined to help Asian heritage scientists and engineers achieve their full potential both personally and professionally. We constantly strive to uphold the 3 pillars of SASE by providing our members with networking, volunteering, and cultural events to increase professionalism and spread diversity. This past year, UH-CARES was established in hopes of helping the community after Hurricane Harvey. SASE- UH was able to accumulate over 120 hours of volunteering relief efforts. Furthermore, not only do we push to promote the professional aspect, but we also try to advance our members personally. We believe that interpersonal and soft skills are important in making a well-rounded student. Additionally, we try to provide our members with interactive games and an opportunity to dance on stage to help them get out of their comfort zone. Lastly, but most importantly, we focus on not just being an organization, but rather, a family. With genuine love and care for our members, we are always there for each other. At SASE-UH, we are dedicated 100% to assisting our family in any way possible. Passion is a vital part of our chapter because, without passion, we are just a group of engineering students and not a family.

Most Philanthropic

Recipient: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Most Philanthropic UMTC

SASE UMN is fully dedicated in the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers to achieve their full career potential, celebrate and push for diversity on campus and in the workplace, and provide countless opportunities to our board and general members alike to make an impact in our community. SASE UMN utilizes innovative events, programs, and ideas to further our goals to prepare its members for the global business world and to promote diversity and equal opportunity in the STEM field. Membership at SASE UMN is open to all genders and ethnicities.

Honorable Mention: University of California San Diego

Most Philanthropic runnerup UCSD

The Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers chapter at UC San Diego was officially established in 2011, which means the 2017-­2018 academic year marked its 7th year of existence. Since then, it has won numerous awards and accolades, including the Best New Chapter Award in 2013, the Most Inspirational Chapter Award in 2014, and the Overall Strongest Chapter Award in both 2015 and 2016. SASE at UCSD is dutifully firm and unwavering in its goal to fulfill SASE’s 3 mission statements encompassing professional development, diversity, and community service.