2018 SASE Inspire Awards

2016 Winners

Overall Strongest

Recipient: University of California, San Diego

2015 2016 Overall Stongest Chapter Univeristy of California San Diego

Founded in June 2011, SASE at UCSD has risen from Outstanding New Chapter in 2013 to Most Inspiring in 2014 and then to Overall Strongest in 2016. These achievements can be credited to the unique intern program implemented by UCSD SASE where members apply to shadow one of the officers on the executive team. The program helps develop a stronger leadership team for the following year so the chapter can continue improving upon things from the previous years. This exposes undergraduate students to leadership and professional development while garnering their interest in SASE’s missions. With an average of 20-30 members on the officer and intern team each year, UCSD SASE provides a multitude of opportunities for their members to prepare for success in the global business world, to celebrate diversity, and to contribute to their local community. Events range from Dining with Professionals, where students have dinner and network with representatives from science and engineering companies around San Diego, to volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, where members interact with kids K-6th through hands-on science experiments. Contributing to their success in hosting professional events, UCSD SASE has also hosted two West Regional Conferences in 2013 and 2015, creating connections with companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boeing, and more. Hoping to provide better opportunities for their members every year, SASE at UCSD will continue to improve upon itself to become even stronger.

Honorable Mention: Boston University

The Boston University Chapter of SASE has created a strong legacy by empowering Asian-heritage scientists and engineers that have gone on to become leaders within SASE and within their fields at the local, regional, and national level. BU SASE has been awarded two Overall Strongest Chapter Awards in the past two years for its efforts to innovate and expand the scope of the “SASE experience”, and BU’s representation within SASE’s regional and national leadership is also a reflection of the chapter’s efforts to instill National SASE’s core values into our community’s future leaders. This past year, BU SASE has continued to evolve and innovate by pioneering a brand new collaborative mentorship program, restructuring with more efficient e-board models while also incorporating committees, expanding our brand’s presence at every level, and continuing to create a breadth of events that tackle issues pertaining to professionalism, diversity, and service. BU SASE is excited to keep working hard each year to remain competitive and to use its platform as a leading chapter make positive, lasting impacts on the SASE community.

Outstanding New

Recipient: University of California, Santa Barbara

2015 2016 Oustanding New Chapter University of California Santa Barbara

Officially a chapter as of Fall 2015, UCSB SASE's mission has been to foster the growth of STEM students through professional development, academic support, and community involvement with the intention of producing active leaders in the industry, academia, and their community. We’ve only been a chapter for less than a year now, and this year has been nothing short of a success to us.

Initially, starting SASE at UCSB was no easy feat. Overcoming hurdles such as membership retention, funding, and competition amongst established organizations seemed impossible, but with hard work, dedication, #saseblanket, #sasehouse, #kevinpose, and a great team, we’ve accomplished more than we ever thought possible.

This past year, UCSB SASE has built its foundation on community – the community we built, the community we provide, the community we share. Our numbers started off small, but we’ve garnered interest amongst the crowds to find ourselves a group of ambitious individuals we gladly call our SASE family. Alongside providing a welcoming community, we hope to promote growth in all outlets whether in academia, research, industry, community service, or culture, ensuring that we provide as many opportunities and resources for our members.

Even though our chapter is new, we hope to be a part of something greater. UCSB SASE’s objectives and goals are to ultimately connect SASEters from all over the nation with UCSB’s collaborative culture to empower those who dare to lead and to produce and strengthen active leaders throughout the nation.

This past year has been an amazing experience. It’s been incredible to have worked with such a great group of people all working toward the same goals and mission to achieve their own and everyone else’s greatest potential.

We really credit our success to our chapter, our members, and to those that have supported our mission this past year. If it weren’t for the effort of all those involved, we wouldn’t be who we are today and who we will be in the future. Stay 9000% bison, friends.

Honorable Mention: University of Miami

University of Miami’s SASE chapter was established two years ago. At the end of the first year, only one member was left to take on the challenge of reviving the SASE chapter. Today, our chapter leaders are working hard to expand this chapter to reach out and positively influence the professional and social lives of University of Miami’s Asian scientists and engineers.

Throughout the school year our chapter has held events to prepare our members for success by providing resources for professional development: Walmart Leadership Workshop, Research Panel with UConnect & NSBE, Resume Workshop, Professional Headshots, Christmas Study Hall and promoting other STEM organizations’ events such as Citrix with SHPE, Google MockInterview, and Industry Night.

Through other events during the year such as SASE’s birthday celebration, we got closer as a group while also acknowledging the fact that we are a diverse group of Asians even within SASE. In addition, our members had the opportunity to be a part of National Gandhi Day of Service, working alongside a diverse group of students to help restore homes of individuals at United Cerebral Palsy and were rewarded with the smiles of the residents.

The event we were proudest of, however, was hosting a leadership workshop with Walmart. As our largest event of the year, not only did SASE members attend but members from different organizations participated as well. This event provided our members with the opportunity to network and helped them gain insight into the professional world. This was the first time we established our presence on campus with students as well as faculty. We had over 100% increase in attendance. This event successfully increased an awareness of Asian scientists and engineers on the UM campus and as a result, SASE gained recognition from the dean of the college of engineering.

Most Influential Chapter

Recipient: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

2015 2016 Most Influential University of Minnesota Twin Cities

SASE UMN is honored to be recognized as the most influential chapter. We are very grateful for the board and general members that have worked tirelessly to make all of our goals and aspirations a reality. We attribute this success to our love for the community and our drive for excellence.
SASE Labs is an initiative recently started by SASE UMN to increase awareness and education for fields within science and engineering while keeping the material fun and approachable. Through SASE Labs, we were able to exhibit a wide range of projects from constructing a 3D-printer to teaching circuitry through lemon batteries. We are proud of our commitment to disseminating scientific understanding and knowledge to our members in the local community.

As our team is very passionate about STEM outreach, SASE Jr. is an essential part of our mission. In order to make science and engineering more accessible, we have helped high school students connect with University of Minnesota faculty to conduct research for science fairs and competitions. SASE UMN aims to form lasting relationships with these students, becoming their role models and mentors. We hope that SASE as a whole can continue to cultivate the next generation of scientists and engineers through SASE Jr.

Furthermore, SASE UMN had the privilege of hosting the 2016 SASE Midwest Regional Conference. While there, we were able to showcase our work and connect with other chapters in the Midwest region. We were also able to invite influential speakers and companies from the region such as Medtronic, the world’s largest developer of medical devices. Ultimately, we at SASE UMN were able to expand SASE’s mission with our various endeavors. We are excited to inspire scientists and engineers of all backgrounds with our future projects.

Honorable Mention: Northeastern University

Over the past year, Northeastern SASE has made a significant impact towards the surrounding community and maintained active involvement in the Boston area. 

Being the only professionally-focused organization in the Pan Asian American Council at Northeastern, which currently has 10 organizations in its roster, allowed us to bring the workshops, networking opportunities and connections we provide to a large percentage of the Asian American Community at Northeastern. We opened up the multiple technical and “soft- skill” based workshops, annual corporate networking opportunities, informational STEM meetings and career panels to all members of the community. We also partook in PAAC shops, an Asian focused-workshop exposition, and Asian American Heritage Week. 

Additionally, we helped to bridge the gap between the local chapters in Boston through working with SASE Boston members during the summer to host two successful events. We encouraged casual networking between our members and the SASEPro chapter in Boston as well, culminating in a significant portion of our members applying for SASEPro mentorship.
Northeastern SASE has also offered a variety of K-12 outreach programs and opportunities to connect with Boston grade-schoolers throughout the year. Members volunteered for Science Club for Girls, spoke about their studies at Boston Latin School, and led a summer program known as STEAM at the local Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center.

The 6th Annual Northeast Regional Conference was more than just an enormous accomplishment, its impact extended farther than the Northeast Region. The first successful WHIAAPI initiative high school workshop for a regional conference (led by BU) was held with 13 high schoolers present. We enlisted the help of BU, Binghamton, Drexel, Stevens and NYU SASE who all held significant roles in logistics, sponsor gathering and service events. Looking forward, Northeastern SASE strives to continue to set higher goals and inspire future scientists and engineers.


Most Improved

Recipient: Texas A&M University

2015 2016 Most Improved Texas AM University

Our chapter of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers at Texas A&M University proudly received this year’s Most Improved Chapter award. We could not have achieved this without the diligent efforts of the 2015-2016 officer team, the active involvement of our members in our monthly events, and the efficient advertising of SASE awareness to the public with the help of our committees. We accomplished diversifying the types of companies that visited us at general meetings, holding professional workshops, and hosting fun socials. Additionally, we increased the volunteer participation and membership growth of 55% this year. These accomplishments came from the dedication of our philanthropy committee and our new point system; A system that offered prize incentives to members who committed their time to attend general meetings, networking events, social events, etc. In our major professional events this year, 50 members attended the fall National Conference Career Fair, 26 members attended the 2015 South Central Regional Conference, and 8 members received internships/co-ops from career fairs (a significant improvement from only having 3 members receive career fair offers last year). We also worked with Scotty’s House as our major philanthropy event during the fall of 2015. Our chapter donated over 50 toys to this special local organization that helps sexually abused children. As a result, we successfully practiced SASE’s mission to promote regional collaboration, celebrate diversity across campuses, and provide the opportunity to influence the local community. This award is a strong encouragement to our chapter and it reminded us to continuously put in extra effort to exceed our SMART goals. Our chapter hopes to use this award as an opportunity to positively influence future leaders at Texas A&M University with confidence and perseverance in an effort to make SASE TAMU a great leader in the South Region.

Honorable Mention: Binghamton University

Binghamton SASE, as a professional and cultural organization, strives to uphold the three pillars imperative for success: professional development, cultural awareness, and community service. Throughout the year, we planned events dedicated to SASE’s vision. We made sure to have one event every week, whether it is professional or social, so members see our active campus presence and event variety. By hosting weekly events, we stepped out of our comfort zone and took a new approach by planning events we never hosted before like Paint Night & Mocktails, Kimbap Night, and BioTech Talks. These successful events gained us the Chapter Spotlight Award. This year, our goal was to grow our connection and friendship with other SASE chapters around us. We hosted our very first hangout with RPI and RIT.

On top of hosting events every week, Binghamton SASE strengthened its advertising for National and Regional Conference. National and regional conferences allow people to learn about companies, networking, and most importantly themselves. Our chapter is proud to say that we increased our attendees for the national and regional conference by over 100% compared to attendees for the previous year. Additionally, we tripled the amount of money raised from fundraising this year. We hope our chapter continues to grow and positively influence other chapters as well.