2018 SASE Inspire Awards


WITH EVERY YEAR, THE SASE COMMUNITY GROWS IN SIZE, TALENT, AND CONTRIBUTION. The SASE Inspire Awards are designed to recognize those chapters around the nation who have gone above and beyond the call of duty over the year. These chapters are measured in professional development, culture, awareness, diversity, community involvement, the impact of events, initiatives and event attendance, to name a few. The 2018 SASE Inspire Awards are broken down into the following five categories:

Overall Strongest Chapter

Outstanding contribution and advancement of SASE's three core mission statements

Outstanding New Chapter

Same as above, but only for chapters who are less than two years of age

Most Influential Chapter

Outstanding leadership, outreach, creativity, and/or other qualities that indicate large-scale vision and planning

Most Improved Chapter

Displays the most growth and improvement over the past school year

Most Philanthropic Chapter

2018's newest category: Awarded to the chapter that has demonstrated and embodies the spirit of service within their chapter, community, region, and/or nation.

Each of these categories recognizes both a primary recipient as well as an honorable measurement recipient. During the upcoming year, all of the recipients will also be sharing their successes with the rest of the SASE community in the form of the SASE's blog, SASEprints, and on SASE's YouTube channel to share ideas and strategies that can help all other grow. 

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2018 Inspire Award Timeline

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