In line with one of SASE’s pillars, to celebrate diversity on campuses and in the workplace, SASE is recognizing all of the great achievements that Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) students and professionals are doing in their respective worlds.   To create a professional platform for these celebrations and recognitions, SASE has started 2 award programs: the Leadership Awards & Achievement Awards. 

The Leadership Awards are the premier award group that is peer reviewed and recognizes the best of the best. Candidates compete with one another to be recognized in one of nine categories. 

The Achievement awards are awards that organizations utilize to highlight top talent within each of their own organizations.  Organizations nominate individuals as they meet or exceed the criteria in one of five categories. All nominees who qualify are recognized. Each organization is limited to a maximum of five Achievement Award nominations. Nominations may be in one, two or all categories but may not exceed five in total.

Please join us in nominating and celebrating all of the wonderful achievements, leadership and success that individual APIA members are contributing to the world.



Nominees may be eligible for recognition in only one of the categories below.  Click award title for criteria.

For more information and application details please click here.