Matt Diaz

Collegiate Program Coordinator
Born and raised as a Colorado native, Matt knows that there is greatness in everyone waiting to be released. Matt has spent his whole life passionate about health, fitness and helping others achieve their goals. After graduating from Colorado School of Mines in EE, Matt started his own legal services and identity theft protection business with LegalShield, where changing lives is the main focus of his team. Matt brings over 10 years of personal and organizational leadership experience to SASE.


While at Mines, he received his certification as a Personal Trainer where he spent 5 years helping people of different ages and backgrounds overcome mental barriers and limiting beliefs to accomplish a lifestyle of their dreams. He helped clients chisel down to 5% body fat, train for marathons/triathlons, and even helped one client lose 100 pounds. Matt also served as chapter President for SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers), where among many of his accomplishments, was taking the initiative to propose, plan, and host the opening ceremony for the national SHPE Conference. This idea has turned into a tradition that SHPE has chosen to continue. His 10+ years with LegalShield has allowed him to see what works and what doesn’t work while building an organization. Matt leads with his heart and believes that integrity and cooperation bring out the best in people, and the ripple effect of bringing out the best in people, ultimately, brings out the best in an organization. Matt is honored to be a part of the SASE mission and the #SASEfam. One of Matt’s greatest joys has been marrying his childhood crush, Emily, where they live a life of purpose and intention together.