chris lui
Christopher Lui
Collegiate Committee - Midwest Regional Manager (RM)

Chris was born and raised in New Jersey, moving to Terre Haute, Indiana to study at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. At the beginning of freshman year in 2012, Chris joined the newly formed SASE chapter at his school. Over the course of his time in university, he held several roles, including Public Relations Chair and Vice President. During the end of his junior in 2015, Chris began to volunteer with SASE National in the Human Resources Committee as a Recruiter. After graduating in 2016 with two degrees, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Chris moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to continue to grow as a Systems Engineer at Rockwell Collins. Since graduating, he has taken the role of HR Recruitment Manager and still holds this title as well as has served as Midwest Regional Coordinator for two years. He will be taking the position of Midwest Regional Manager. Outside of SASE, Chris loves hiking and kayaking, traveling to exotic countries, collecting retro video games, playing volleyball, and playing one of his twelve (maybe more) instruments. He also serves as Social Media Co-Director for his local AsianFest as well as a Steering Committee member at his company’s Asian Employee Resource Group (ERG).

randy hsu
Randy Hsu
Collegiate Committee - Midwest Program Coordinator (PC)

Randy was born and raised in Southern California, and moved to the Midwest to study Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. Since graduating, Randy has been based out of Wisconsin as a Maintenance Engineer with Hormel Foods. He began his SASE adventure as a collegiate chapter board member as a sophomore in Fall 2012, holding roles as the Treasurer, Professional Liaison, and President. He has served as a National Volunteer for the Midwest region for the past three years, and composed one-half of the #MidwestBromance for the past six. Randy served as a Regional Coordinator for two years, and will serve this year as the Program Coordinator for the Midwest Region, focusing on the success of the Midwest Regional Conference and other regional initiatives. Randy loves to travel, to try new foods, and meet new people. He'll always prefer to dine "family-style", and LOVES Taiwanese food! Randy enjoys dabbling in photography, ambitiously cooking dishes outside his ability, playing Nintendo and PC games, and singing in the car, shower, and karaoke bar.

 MW RC Mahesh Chigurupati
Mahesh Chigurupati
Collegiate Committee - Midwest Regional Coordinator (RC)

Mahesh is in his final semester at The Ohio State University studying Chemical Engineering with personal interest in manufacturing and sustainable engineering. He has been extensively involved across various functions of SASE during his time at Ohio State starting as chapter Treasurer and concluding as chapter President. Additionally, SASE OSU held the 2017 SASE Midwest Regional Conference for which Mahesh had served as the Event Co-Chair. He managed various committees responsible for conference planning, communicated with the SASE Regional team and met with corporate as well as Ohio State Department sponsors to put together one of the most successful Midwest Regional Conferences.

As Regional Coordinator, Mahesh plans to continue to grow his hometown SASE Region through effective Midwest chapter development using the skills and contacts gained through collegiate chapter leadership. He hopes to further increase the quality of currently established chapters as a means of inspiring unaffiliated institutions to originate one of their own. Mahesh’s personal interests include all things cars, motorcycles and an occasional good book as time permits. He enjoys connecting with friends and family as often as possible in between school and internships.

 MW RC Marina Mancuso
Marina Mancuso
Collegiate Committee - Midwest Regional Coordinator (RC)

Marina is a recent alum from University of Dayton with a degree in Chemical Engineering, and is now starting a PhD program in Applied Mathematics at Arizona State University. Marina has held various positions for the UD SASE chapter, was a 2016 SASE National Conference Volunteer, and is currently the Midwest Point of Contact for SASE Jr. In addition to SASE, Marina is highly involved in the transracial adoption community. She is Director/Founder of the Chinese Adoptee Mentorship Program, an international initiative for young adult Chinese adoptees to develop their identity. Having lived in Cleveland, Ohio most of her life, Marina is looking forward to the warm weather in Arizona!

 MW RC Jackie Tung
Jackie Tung
Collegiate Committee - Midwest Regional Coordinator (RC)

"My name is Jackie Tung and I am studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University with minors in Business and Chinese and will be graduating in the Fall of 2018. I was born in Manhattan, New York but moved to Columbus, Ohio when I was seven and been there since. I have been part of SASE OSU for three years now, starting as the treasurer and concluding as the vice president. This past year (February 2018), I helped SASE OSU host its first professional conference on campus serving as one of the conference co-chairs. The conference included 6 different companies, 6 workshops, and 40+ attendees! As regional coordinator, I would like further grow and develop our new and established chapters, build stronger connections with each chapters to create a more tight-knit Midwest Region family, and inspire more collaborations between interstate chapters. My hobbies include: watching anime, playing video games, cooking (or at least attempt to cook), doing outdoor activities, and traveling (especially internationally)."

 MW RC Han Yong Wunrow
Han Yong Wunrow
Collegiate Committee - Midwest Regional Coordinator (RC)

Han Yong is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a degree in Mathematics specializing in Genomics and a minor in Computer Science. There, he actively participated in the University of Minnesota SASE chapter as Treasurer and President during his junior and senior year, respectively. Currently, he is teaching English at a high school in South Korea under a Fulbright Grant. This coming semester he will be returning to the United States as a Post-Bachelor Fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle, Washington. Han Yong is very excited to begin working with the Midwest Regional Team to guide chapters towards further success and assist chapter leaders to get the most out of their experience with SASE. His hobbies include running marathons, cross country-skiing, and Korean traditional drumming. To this day he still takes much pride in his high school mascot, the Fighting Calculators.

Kerianne Chen
Kerianne Chen
Collegiate Committee - Northeast Regional Manager (RM)

Kerianne graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Neuroscience and minors in French and Chemistry. She has a background in clinical research with HELP (Hospital Elder Life Program), a quality improvement program at West Penn Hospital designed to prevent delirium in patients age 70+. She is currently based out of the Philadelphia area where she is pursuing a career in primary care. She is passionate about healthcare accessibility and helping underserved communities.

At the chapter level she has served Pitt SASE for three years, her final term serving as President. Nationally she has volunteered with National Conference Committee, HR Volunteer Management, and is now returning for her third year with the Northeast Regional Team. Reflecting upon her SASE journey, Kerianne believes that the best part about entering her sixth year with SASE is seeing the individual growth of those around her and the realization that she personally has come so far.

 NE RC Jingcheng Aric Lu
Jingcheng (Aric) Lu
Collegiate Committee - Northeast Regional Program Coordinator (PC)

Aric is a first year graduate student at Harvard University, and is pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering. He joined SASE his freshman year at the University of Delaware and began working as his class representative soon after. Since then, he has also served as Public Relations Chair and Vice President at the University of Delaware, and has seen the chapter grow and evolve over the last 3 years before graduating this past spring. Additionally, he has also served as a Regional Coordinator within the Northeast Region. Outside of SASE, Aric enjoys cooking food, eating food, and running all of it off. He is also a passionate sports fan, mostly the DC sports teams.

 NE-A SRC Christina Chen
Christina Chen
Collegiate Committee - Northeast-A Senior Regional Coordinator (SRC)

My name is Christina Chen and I am an SRC for the Northeast region. I graduated from Binghamton University with my Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Computer Engineering in May 2018. I currently working for GE Power in the Digital Technology Leadership Program. I have been involved with SASE for the past 4 years and I am very excited to meet new volunteers within SASE and help SASE reach new heights!!

 NE-A RC Rushna Ahmed
Rushna Ahmed
Collegiate Committee - Northeast-A Regional Coordinator (RC)

Rushna recently graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and will be working at Accenture in the fall. She has been a member of SASE since her freshman year and started off as a Marketing Chair committee member. From there, she held the positions of Secretary, Vice-President, and President at Rutgers University, and has seen the chapter grow over the past few years. As Regional Coordinator, Rushna is excited to bring her passion for SASE to help chapters and leaders grow and achieve their goals. In her free time, Rushna enjoys traveling, watching movies, eating food, and binging Netflix.

 NE-A RC Parth Patel
Parth Patel
Collegiate Committee - Northeast-A Regional Coordinator (RC)

Parth Patel recently graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering. Previously, he served his chapter as Membership Chair, which focused on creating a community and family environment for members. The year following, he served as President and hosted the 2018 NE Regional Conference. As a Regional Coordinator, Parth is excited to continue to push the SASE mission, provide guidance to diverse chapters, but also cross paths with driven and passionate people. Outside of SASE, Parth enjoys traveling, volunteering, attending art galleries, drawing, designing and being unnecessarily extra!

 NE-B SRC Wei Ming Koh
Wei-Ming Koh
Collegiate Committee - Northeast-B Senior Regional Coordinator (SRC)

Wei graduated Drexel University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a minor in Management Information Systems. He was President for the SASE Drexel Chapter when they hosted the 2017 NE Regional Conference. Wei joined SASE when it was founded at Drexel in 2013 and never looked back. He is currently working as a Cloud Application Consultant for IBM. As SRC, he looks forward to tackling new challenges with his team and bringing that #SASEfam to everyone! In his spare time Wei enjoys spending copious hours on the couch watching Netflix and sports (#TTP), taking random and spontaneous trips to anywhere and spending time with his friends (please hang out with him...he is very lonely).

 NE-B RC Anushree Sreedhar
Anushree Sreedhar
Collegiate Committee - Northeast-B Regional Coordinator (RC)

Anushree recently obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art; a cultural and innovative school in the heart of the East Village in Manhattan. Anushree, endearingly called Anu by all, was first involved with SASE by co-founding the SASE Chapter at her school during her sophomore year. She became co-President by her senior year, and accomplished numerous milestones with her team from initiating a mentor mentee program to branching the SASE influence to nearby high schools in the city. During her time at Cooper, Anu was also President of the South Asian Society, Coopertones (A Capella group), American Institute for Chemical Engineering (AIChE), and one of the founding members of TEDxCooperUnion. Moving forward, Anu wants to use her boundless enthusiasm to continue building the SASE family and jumpstart conversations about growth and leadership with students of all ages. During her spare time, Anu loves to online shop, laugh and cry at Broadway Shows, read tales of romance and adventure, and travel with the sole purpose of trying new foods.

 NE-B RC Jose Escobar
Jose Escobar
Collegiate Committee - Northeast-B Regional Coordinator (RC)

Jose graduated from the University at Buffalo with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. He is one of the co-founders of the SASE chapter at his school and has held a distinct position every year throughout his three-year involvement. He began as his chapter’s Marketing Director moving on to Vice President of Internal Affairs and then President during his final year. As a Regional Coordinator Jose hopes help chapters become better connected so that they can help each other grow. Outside of SASE, he enjoys going on long hikes and bicycle rides.

 NE-B RC Derek Ting
Derek Ting
Collegiate Committee - Northeast-B Regional Coordinator (RC)

Derek is a rising senior studying electrical engineering at SUNY Binghamton. He has been involved with SASE for 3 years and has taken the roles of a Transitional (intern), Professional Chair, and President. As a Regional Coordinator, Derek hopes to inspire others to reach new heights and bring people closer together. He is currently working at P&G Gillette for his summer internship that he got through SASE National Conference 2017. Outside of SASE, he is currently working on several business projects, listens to podcasts and reads books like an old man, loves to dance (private/public lessons to be held at all conferences), and is excited about everything there is to life.

Aimee Chun Profile
Aimee Chun
Collegiate Committee - South Regional Manager (RM)

Aimee has held several leadership positions since joining SASE in 2012, including roles in her school’s chapter and as a National SASE volunteer. In 2016 she joined the South Region Team as a Regional Coordinator. Aimee became involved with SASE as a volunteer for the first Southeast Regional Conference. During her time with the Georgia Tech Chapter, she held the positions of President, External Vice President, and Internal Vice President. Aimee was the South Regional Student Liaison for the 2014-2015 InnoService Competition. She was also selected as one of the 2015 SASE Role Models.

Aimee earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Georgia Tech in 2015. She concentrated in Information Technology and earned a Minor in Korean. Aimee is a member of General Electric’s Information Technology Leadership Program. She has one cat and one bunny.

 S RC Tu Huynh
Tu Huynh
Collegiate Committee - South Regional Program Coordinator (PC)

Tu Huynh is senior in undergrad at the University of Houston and is pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering Technology. His experiences include two undergrad research for the University of Houston College of Architecture and the College of Technology and an internship at Schneider Electric. Tu was in the officer position of Outreach at the University of Houston SASE chapter with projects in establishing SASE Jr. for two of Houston school district and has helped in hosting the 2018 SCRC.

 S RC Phat Le
Phat Le
Collegiate Committee - South Regional Coordinator (RC)

Phat is currently a Senior in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Houston. His journey with SASE began when he volunteered for the 2015 SASE National Conference in Houston. At his local chapter, he was elected Event Coordinator then President the year after. As the Regional Coordinator, he wishes to apply the skills and knowledge he learned from his time with SASE to help each chapter overcome their difficulties. In his free time, he enjoys watching soccer and YouTube videos. He's a watch and car enthusiast even though he can't afford either of them.

Alison Mak
Alison Mak
Collegiate Committee - South Regional Coordinator (RC)

Alison is a senior at the University of Houston, pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. Throughout college, she has been a mentor and the treasurer of her university’s SASE chapter. Alison loves meeting new people and is looking forward to staying involved with SASE as a Regional Coordinator. Outside of school, she is a freelance photographer who loves photographing portraits, families, weddings, and events. She also enjoys traveling and playing tennis!

 S RC Doyoung Maeng
Doyoung Maeng
Collegiate Committee - South Regional Coordinator (RC)

Doyoung is a first year graduate student pursuing a PhD in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University. He first joined SASE in his freshman year and later served as chapter president at the University of Texas at Austin. As a regional coordinator, Doyoung wants to focus on helping smaller chapters build a stronger foundation. In his spare time, he enjoys trying weird food combinations, lifting (light) weights, and watching cat videos on YouTube.

 S RC Jennifer Vuu
Jennifer Vuu
Collegiate Committee - South Regional Coordinator (RC)

Jennifer is currently a senior at the University of South Florida pursuing a degree in Computer Science. She was a Co-Founder of her school’s revival SASE chapter and has held several leadership positions within the organization since 2015. Jennifer also directed the 2018 Southeast Regional Conference in which her chapter was selected to host for the first time. SASE gave Jennifer the opportunity and resources to join a community and environment that supported her growth and development and she hopes to maintain and promote the values of SASE so other individuals can achieve their full potential.

Outside of SASE, Jennifer enjoys spending quality time with her dog, Toast, and spends a lot of time at her local boba tea shops while looking at memes. She also paints, watches documentaries specifically about reptiles, and can eat an entire apple pie in one sitting.

 W RC Daniel Zhu
Daniel Zhu
Collegiate Committee - West Regional Manager (RM)

Daniel Zhu works in Seattle as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon in Alexa Voice Services. He first joined SASE in 2014 during his freshman year at the University of Washington. At UW, he worked with EcoCar3, designed The Poomba, and graduated with a BS of Electrical Engineering in the class of 2017. After that, Daniel served as a West Regional Coordinator for 1 year before moving on towards Regional Manager. Outside of Amazon and SASE, Daniel is a Board Member of an education program in the Bay Area: ASDRP, a low-cost summer research program for high school students. His interests include tech, running, basketball (MVP JaVale McGee), and frugality (i.e. looking at shoes but never buying them).

“All is well” — 3 Idiots

allen liou
Allen Liou
Collegiate Committee - West Regional Program Coordinator (PC)

Allen Liou is an Implementation Consultant at Uptima, a boutique consulting firm specializing in enterprise software implementations. Allen has been involved with SASE since 2012 when he began his studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. While studying for his B.Sc. in Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz, Allen served as President from 2014 to 2016. After graduating in 2016, he joined the SASE National team as a Regional Coordinator for the West region for 2 years. His hobbies include learning about urban development and real estate, discovering new places to eat, traveling, and sleeping in.

“Someday sounds a lot like the thing people say when they actually mean never.” — Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood), Westworld, Season 1: The Stray

 W RC Chris Chen
Chris Chen
Collegiate Committee - West Regional Coordinator (RC)

Christopher graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Computer Science in 2016 and a MS in Computer Science and Engineering in 2017. While at the University of Washington, he served on SASE UW’s executive board for five school years as a General Officer, Member Relations Coordinator, Vice President, Senior Advisor, and President. After graduation, Chris became an RC and is now in his 7th year with SASE. Outside of SASE, he was also a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant with the CS department, and spent time mentoring many underclassmen. Christopher grew up in Asia, spending his childhood in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Shanghai before eventually coming to the United States for college. He currently works at Google as a Software Engineer in the Bay Area.

“People say nothing is impossible, but I doing nothing everyday” — Winnie the Pooh

 W RC Tiffany Lee
Tiffany Lee
Collegiate Committee - West Regional Coordinator (RC)

Tiffany Lee is currently completing her final year at the University of California, Santa Cruz while pursuing a BS in computer science. From starting off as an intern, to treasurer, to serving the UCSC SASE chapter as President in 2017-2018, she has been involved with SASE ever since the beginning of her college experience. Her hobbies include listening and finding new music, supporting nonprofits and the community, and discovering new things to learn. She is excited to be joining the West Regional Team and is looking forward to helping SASE and its chapters grow.

"Because people don't have wings...we look for ways to fly."

 W RC Soham Saha
Soham Saha
Collegiate Committee - West Regional Coordinator (RC)

Soham Saha is a recent graduate from the University of California at Santa Cruz and is a Implementation Specialist at Accenture. Soham has been a part of SASE since late 2015 where he was inspired to join by attending West Regional Conference. He has served as a the Corporate Relations officer and the Engineering Vice President in the Santa Cruz chapter. In his spare time he likes to exercise, eat interesting new foods, traveling, and playing the occasional video game.

"Why so serious?" — The Dark Knight, 2008

 W RC Stephen Taing
Stephen Taing
Collegiate Committee - West Regional Coordinator (RC)

Stephen graduated from Villanova University with a B.S in Computer Engineering, minor in computer science, and a concentration in cybersecurity. He co-founder of the Villanova chapter and served as the president. He is currently working at Northrop Grumman as a software engineer in southern California and hopes to improve his technical expertise as a growing leader. Things he enjoys doing include supporting the Villanova Wildcats, watching the NBA, traveling, snowboarding, and just chillin with friends.

Ashwin Malik
Ashwin Malik
Development Committee - Giving Manager

Ashwin Malik works as Lead Developer for enterprise asset management startup Multiply Technology in Indianapolis, having graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Aerospace Engineering. At Purdue, he was active in both the Malaysian Students Association (PUMSA) and the SASE Purdue chapter. Ashwin joined SASE at the national level as the Midwest Regional Marketing Representative (RMR) in 2015 and also served as the Workshops & Panels Coordinator for the 2017 National Conference. Today, he is the manager for the Giving program at SASE. When not showing off his cat (Winston) on SASE video calls, Ashwin can usually be found with a book or a video game.

Keith Mui
Keith Mui
Human Resource Committee - Chair

Keith Mui received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Drexel University in the Winter of 2014. His experience working in healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries has developed his analytical mindset and a background in project management. Most recently his involvements for the past two years has taken him deep into community organizing for local non-profits making an impact on the local, state, and national AAPI community. With more than 10 years of community experience Keith has been involved in various community based organizations, startups, and professional groups. Keith has been involved with SASE since 2013 starting as a founding Vice President of his chapter, working on the National Conference team from 2013-2015, and serving in Human Resources from 2014 to present day as the current committee chair.

Wilson Kong
Wilson Kong
Leadership Committee - Chair

Wilson obtained a bachelor's degree and master's degree in materials science and engineering from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University respectively. He is currently pursuing a PhD in materials science and engineering at ASU while conducting research in collaboration with Intel Corporation. In early 2014, Wilson founded the University of Arizona SASE chapter and served as its first president. He later served as a regional coordinator in the west region for two years before joining the SASE core team as the new leadership committee chair. Wilson plans to promote a stronger sense of collaboration between the various SASE committees and create leadership development programs that will be beneficial to the professional and personal growth of all SASE members. In his free time, Wilson enjoys watching anime, playing board games, cooking, training for endurance sporting events, and spending time with friends.

Alex Chen
Alex Chen
Marketing Committee - Chair

Alex Chen graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering in 2016. He has been involved with SASE since his freshman year in college and was the CMU SASE President in 2016. Along with becoming one of the Northeast Regional Marketing Representatives, Alex has volunteered for SASE National Conference on the Logistics Committee. Outside of SASE, Alex’s passions include sustainability, cooking, and listening to podcasts. He now works as a Project Engineer in construction.

Tiger Cheng Profile
Tiger Cheng
Marketing Committee - Regional Marketing Representative (RMR) Manager

Tiger Cheng studies Computer Engineering at Purdue University and has been involved with SASE since his Freshman year. Throughout his time in college, he has held board positions including Marketing Chair and Chapter President, and will now continue on to be the Midwest Regional Marketing Representative during the new term. In addition to being an engineer, he’s an artist and designer at heart and volunteers in the Branding - Creative committee under SASE National Marketing.

His hobbies include art, anime, awesome sciencey stuff, and Overwatch/video games. After graduating, Tiger will continue full-time with Northrop Grumman.

Beverly Yip
Beverly Yip
Marketing Committee - Midwest Regional Marketing Representative (RMR)

Hi! I'm a junior at Purdue University majoring in Computer Science, minoring in Anthropology. Being part of SASE since freshman year has been incredibly life-changing and provided me the friendly and welcoming support I needed on campus. I started my SASE journey as the Trade Show and Philanthropy Chair, before taking up the position of President the next year. This coming year, I'm super hyped to be my chapter's Outreach Chair and the Midwest RMR! Besides busying myself with code and managing organizational involvement, I also dedicate my leisure time to the piano and cello, dancing, drinking boba, spicy food and discovering new eats in my area. Don't be afraid to hit me up if you're a major foodie or just love boba as well!

 NE-B RC Calvin To
Calvin To
Marketing Committee - Northeast Regional Marketing Representative (RMR)

"My name is Calvin To. I am a rising Junior attending the Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in New Media Interactive Development and minoring in Digital Business. I started my SASE journey my freshman year and got onto eboard my sophomore year as the Publicity Chair. This coming school year will be my second year on eboard holding the same position. On my free time you can find me exploring Rochester and taking pictures. I've been doing photography for a little over two years and all my work is on my instagram (@cto.visuals follow me!)."

 NE-B RC Igor Zhang
Igor Zhang
Marketing Committee - Northeast Regional Marketing Representative (RMR)

"My name is Yigong Zhang and I’m currently a senior at University of Rochester. I double major in Computer Science and Film & Media Studies, and I equally love my two majors. I consider myself to be someone always curious about the world around us, and passionate about living a fulfilling life. I became the Publicity Chair of SASE University of Rochester chapter last year, and it is a community that helped me explore the STEM world and achieve fulfillments. I'm looking forward to contributing more to SASE as RMR. "

 S RC Annie Dheng
Annie Dheng
Marketing Committee - South Regional Marketing Representative (RMR)

As a 5th-year student in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Florida, Annie has been heavily involved with SASE since 2015 and counting. Starting in the planning committee for SERC16, she went on to become a coordinator for both SASEbowl and Community Service (the best committees!) for the 2018 National Conference. Her favorite hobbies include painting and DIY projects, as well as swimming. Some of Annie’s unusual skills are picking up things with her toes and using turn signals (since most don't).

Jason Wong
Jason Wong
Marketing Committee - South Regional Marketing Representative (RMR)

Jason was born and raised in the Tri-State Area, attending Stevens Institute of Technology for his BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Systems Engineering. After graduation, he moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and currently works as a Systems Engineer with Lockheed Martin. As an undergraduate, he served as his chapter's Public Relations officer and represented Stevens as part of a team participating in the 2014-2015 InnoService Competition. On the weekends, you can find Jason dabbling in woodworking, cooking new culinary creations, or drawing.

 W RMR Emily Wong
Emily Wong
Marketing Committee - West Regional Marketing Representative (RMR)

Emily Wong works in West Bloomfield Michigan as a Nursing Aide at Ciena Healthcare, at Home as a Logistics Manager at Traffery, and a Social Media Ambassador and Influencer. She first joined SASE in 2015 during her sophomore year as a Public Relations Outreach Chair at Michigan State University. At MSU, she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the College of Lyman Briggs in the class of 2018. Her interests outside of work and SASE include cooking, working out, philanthropy, and videography.

Erica Chang
Erica Chang
National Conference Committee - Chair

Erica Chang recently graduated from Texas A&M University with an Industrial Engineering and Biomedical Science Degree, and she is currently working at FUSED Industries. She began her journey after being introduced to SASE by her mentor, Tien Duong. She was involved at the Texas A&M University chapter as Secretary, Co-Marketing Committee Lead, and Vice President. She later on joined the National SASE fam after meeting new people and being inspired by their stories. She is currently the SASE National Conference Chair and SASEXpress Newsletter Coordinator. In her spare time, she loves to travel, watch movies, and spend time with her friends.

Katerina Wong
Katerina Wong
National Conference Committee - Assistant Chair

Katerina spent most of her childhood years in Lakeville, Minnesota. She left for a year to study abroad in Beijing, China after graduating high school and then returned to Minnesota to earn a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Management at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. At the University of Minnesota, she started her SASE journey as the Logistics Coordinator and then Events Coordinator at her local chapter, before starting to volunteer with National Conference in the Logistics Committee. This year, she is excited to work with a growing National Conference team as Assistant Conference Chair to enhance the volunteer experience and help facilitate a well-run Conference weekend. Katerina is currently working as a first shift supervisor at Cargill's Egg Further Processing Plant in Monticello, Minnesota. In her free time, Katerina volunteers with a local language development program, learns new languages and tries new restaurants in the Twin Cities. She also enjoys playing the piano and eating at food trucks.

Crescent Islam
Crescent Islam
Professional Committee - Co-Chair

Crescent works as an engineer for Naval supplier Newport News Shipbuilding a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries located in coastal Virginia. Originally from the Adirondack region of upstate NY, Crescent graduated with his bachelors in Chemistry from Clarkson University followed by a Masters in Materials Science & Engineering from The University of Virginia (UVA). Throughout his career he has been active in SASE at the chapter, regional, and national levels. Most recently he had served on the Marketing committee before taking the lead with his fellow Co-Chair Ryan to helm SASEpro. He is excited to see where the new Professional frontier can take SASE in the coming years. Crescent is an avid car enthusiast, photographer, and traveler.

Ryan Yen
Ryan Yen
Professional Committee - Co-Chair

Ryan is a recent graduate from Clarkson University with a degree in software engineering. He is currently based out in the Dallas-Forth Worth Area and is currently working for a startup, Peoplemaven. On his free time, he works on his podcast, Chasers, and is focused on growing SASE Professional! Besides keeping up with the latest technology trends, Ryan enjoys watching sports, dabbling in design, and always experimenting with new recipes!

Janet Blancett
Janet Blancett
Professional Committee - Advisor

Janet Blancett is a thirty plus year veteran of the petroleum industry. She currently serves as an advisor to SASEPro. She was past chair of the National Conference for the SASE for a number of years, additionally serves on the board directors for the Houston Forensic Science Center, and has chaired and hosted the Young Women Energized career event for the Women's Energy Network. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Oklahoma and is a registered Professional Engineer in Oklahoma.